Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Fun and more

Well, it has been a while since I have been on here. Since school has let out, I have devoted complete attention to Jon Harris. (It gets lonely around here when he is at school and this will be our last summer just the 2 of us.) We have had a pretty full summer so far. We have been to the drive-in movies with friends (which is awesome if you have young children or babies and kids under 10 are free,) swimming lessons for 2 weeks, the zoo, VBS, and Jon Harris had his first sleep over. He will be leaving Friday for 2 weeks to stay with his dad and new step-mom. Bo and I are wondering what we will do with all the free time we will have on our hands!
This weekend Bo and I are getting away to celebrate our FIRST anniversary! Yahhy! It has been a great year and we are looking foward to many more! We had planned on going to New Orleans (one of our favorite places) but because the doctor has restricted me from several things including alot of walking, we thought it would be best to stick close by. We are going to Nashville. We were sad because we thought we were going to have to miss out on New Orleans' food but our friends, Katy and Landon, are taking us to get authentic New Orleans food in Nasville.
We have a doctor's appointment in 2 weeks to find out the baby's sex. We are so excited! We want either a boy or a girl!lol We don't have a preference. We are still torn on our girl's name, maybe, Grace Elizabeth Weaver???? But if it is a boy the name will be Nash Thompson Weaver
. Our last ultra sound picture is at the top. Baby Weaver has very long legs!