Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Katy and Colton Morgan came in town Easter weekend. I talked her and Sarah into going to Arlington's Easter egg hunt. We had a good time but we were wiped out when it was finished. I got a few cute pictures. With their blonde hair and blue eyes, all 3 boys look like brothers.

Colton LOVED Jon Harris! He followed him everywhere. I was so excited to see the boys playing and having a good time. The Morgans will be moving here soon. I am looking foward to many playdates!!

School Easter Party

Nash's Easter Party

Nash with his school friends

My sweet class in their Easter hats

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jon Harris

I have written so much about Nash....I can't leave Jon Harris out! This is a typical day with Jon Harris. I love this kid! He keeps me laughing! I will be posting more soon. We have had 3 ballgames rained out. Hopefully soon, we will have our first game of the season. I'll be able to have a baseball post for him.

Nash's Surgery

Nash had his adenoids taken out today. He was a trooper! He never cried! He has slept most of the day and, for the most part, you can't even tell that he had surgery. I have said before that Nash loves to eat. Well, I knew he was okay when he woke this afternoon, ran to the pantry, and started pointing! Nash wanted to eat!

No Easter Bunny For Nash

At Christmas, I posted a very similar picture of my boys and Santa. Nash screaming, Jon Harris smiling, and poor Santa! Now here we are, this time, poor Easter bunny!!

Happy Times Farm

My sweet Froggie Fours!

Nash LOVED the animals that visited our school! His favorite was "Faye," the llama. His teacher has pictures of Nash and Faye.

My pal and co-worker, Jennifer

Happy Times Farm came to our school on Thursday. They brought ponies to ride, a train, bunnies, chicks, goats, a calf, a llama, and piglets. My fav were the bunnies. They curled up in my lap and were sooo soft! My class had so much fun! I loved watching them bond with the animals:) It was so sweet!
Nash had a blast! He LOVES LOVES animals! He also likes to eat.... His teacher said that she had a hard time keeping him from eating the dried corn that was on the ground to feed the animals.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The view from our room was amazing!

Shopping on Michigan Ave.
96 stories high- in the Hancock

Bo and I decided to take a weekend trip to Chicago ( without the boys.) I was very hesitant because the last time we had a weekend getaway, we rushed home to LeBonheur. We spent about 2 weeks there with Nash. We eventually found out he had Salmonella. So, I started praying (with tears) for a nice safe trip a month ago. lol! We had a WONDERFUL time! It was just what we needed! We went shopping, took an architectural boat tour, visited Navy Pier, ate the BEST Chicago pizza ( pizza around here will never add up to that,) and had dessert and a drink 1,000 feet up in the John Hancock Signature Lounge. Bo said his favorite thing we did was the boat tour and mine was the dessert in the Hancock. That was very surprising for me because I suffer from vertigo. The elevator ride up the tower made me very dizzy BUT I think the Godiva chocolate bread pudding made it better!