Sunday, April 22, 2012

Their first comedy bit

The other morning before school I caught Nash and Jon Harris cracking up at something. They clearly invented this themselves. If you can't tell, they are saying "Goodnight!...wait a minute!!" then doing it again. They love doing thousand will do it at random times. Nash loves it so much, he gets real excited and won't leave the pause in the middle anymore...



Non-stop dance party

Nash loves to get Jon Harris' iPod and turn on the music and dance for about 2 or 3 hours. it really seems like a non-stop dance party sometimes. He's also "learned" to "break dance" and spin around and stop like he's taking an old-school senior picture or something. Here's a few of his "routines":




Nash and Jon Harris both keep us amazed with their energy and they are pretty funny too...


Friday, April 20, 2012

Florida Trip 2012

We just got back from Florida Sunday. I was NOT ready to come home! The weather was perfect.....upper 70's - low 80's during the day with a wonderful breeze blowing off the water. The first couple of days the water looked like glass. It was the calmest I have ever seen the ocean. The boys had a blast playing in the sand and water. Nash would run from the waves at first but by the end of our trip he was getting enough courage to get his feet in the water. The water was so cold but that didn't slow Jon Harris down a bit! He didn't get out of the water much.

We had one rough night with Nash. We found out that Nash is allergic to shellfish. He ate shrimp at the Back Porch and within 4 hours was sick! Luckily, being a mom of a child with allergies like Nash's, I was prepared! I had a feeling something would happen so I packed the Zofran. -A few weeks ago, Nash went through tons of testing because he was throwing up at least once a week. We finally figured out that his vomiting was a product of allergies. We faithfully go for allergy shots once a week. But now, we can add shellfish on our list.

We are so grateful for our friends that asked us to come. We went with 3 other couples and their kids. We have gone with them before but this was the first time that all 4 of us couples had kids. I am hoping that this will be an annual vacation. I LOVE seeing all of our kids together!

This guy had this bird on the beach. He was so nice to let Jon Harris hold him.

Jon Harris and Luke
Isn't the water beautiful?
Jon Harris, Luke, and Nash with their tattoos. I just now got Jon Harris to wash his off!

This is our night at Fudpuckers

Clara Beth

Scarlet- I wanted to take her home!
Nash with Mrs. Carrie and Wat

Nash and Luke were trying to decide if they wanted to dance with the other kids


The Pattersons

The Bells

I love this picture of Nash and Nathan

The boys with Mr. Chris and Wat

Every time I turned around Nash was kissing one of the babies:)

My photo shoot of the boys- I'm no professional!!!


Nash was laughing at a seagull.





Our last beach visit

Jon Harris is growing too fast!




I really don't like putting pictures of myself on here but Nash's facial expressions crack me up!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter Sunday

We had a GREAT Easter Sunday. Sunday morning, the boys saw what the Easter Bunny brought them and then off to church we went. Sunday afternoon, we had an Easter Egg Hunt with family and friends.

Trying for a family shot is impossible!

I love these boys!

Kason hunting eggs!


Ava and Jon Harris

Dividing the eggs equally- thanks Rah-Rah!

I love the look of surprise on Ava's face!

Lily is so proud of her princess stickers

Kason drooling chocolate....I hope he takes after Phie-Phie- love chocolate!

Jon Harris is checking out his eggs

After the Easter Egg Hunt, the kids and the grown"kids" played on Jon Harris' zip line.

I love this picture of Lily

Uncle Mike with Uncle Ryan laughing in the background

Every family needs an Unc Ryan

Papa zip lining!

I hope everyone else enjoyed their Easter as much as we did. I am so grateful and blessed beyond words not just for the wonderful day we had but for what Jesus did for me on that cross so I can spend eternity with him! (John 3:16)