Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break

Jon Harris is up close and personal:)

Nash after a bath....Love the mohawk!

I can't believe it is already Spring Break! We have had a weird and busy week. Jon Harris has had Fifth Disease, Nash has had a double ear infection, and I have been fighting a sinus infection- but we have managed to get in some fun time.
Since I have also been out of school, I have had a "To Do" list a mile long! Bo and I built a Pergola, Catfish (our dog) a kennel, and are now working on the boy's swing set. Okay... Mostly Bo has done the Jon Harris has been such a big help! (As shown in the picture.) I think he has learned alot, too.
We did take a break and go to the zoo and a movie this week. Jon Harris and I went to see Rango with some friends. It was an okay movie but I was very disappointed in the language. Jon Harris liked it though. Nash and Jon Harris had a great time at the zoo. Nash has not been since he was three months old. We watched the Sea Lion show. It was really cool! For us, the zoo never gets old. I can't wait to go when we can take a picnic and enjoy the water fountains in Teton Trek.


  1. hehe! okay, so...I have to laugh at the pic of J.H. and the bear. That bear looks like he's thinkin'...."hmmmmm, how do I get that yummy lookin' little kid!" hehehehehehehe!
    He'd better stay away from my J.H.! I'll have to go a bear huntin'!

  2. Your kidos are the cutest! I had great time today! We have got to get Ema and Nash together sometime!