Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Okay.... This was our SECOND FIRST DAY of Third grade.

We have discussed putting Jon Harris in Harding for 3 years now. We were planning to wait until at least the Fourth grade but it has seemed like God has better plans in store for JH. We have been lucky to be at an awesome Shelby County School for Kindergarten, First, and Second grades. We have made great memories and some exceptional friends through Macon-Hall. BUT here lately (unfortunately) we have had several bad experiences and we felt pushed to do something drastic like moving or enrolling into private school somehow since little steps were no longer acceptable after everything we'd been through.

The more we talked and prayed, the more God seemed to be "making our paths straight" for Harding as every tiny detail has fallen into place without a hitch. We were able to get enrolled and tested and admitted in a day and we only missed the first day of this school year. JH loves his new class and "the teachers there are amazing" (the first words I heard when I picked him up after his first day). We are excited to have Mrs. Fussell and are looking forward to the start of a great chapter in Jon Harris' education. Go Lions!

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