Tuesday, July 19, 2011

church camp

All four of the Weaver crew got to go to church camp this summer. What a blessing! It was awesome! There was no "family time" but it was great to see Jon Harris having so much fun with new friends that he has made. Bo was a sixth grade counselor. I got to see him at meals and sometimes in between. As for me and Nash, we were in the Craft House. He stayed with me most of the time unless I was crafting with the kiddos in the afternoons. I had a BLAST! I got to know more people in my church family and made connections with a few girls in my cabin that have forever left a stamp on my heart. Nash was so funny and had fun... but the poor thing did not get much sleep which meant that I didn't get much sleep. The last night of camp, my hero mother-in-law, came to save me. Needless to say, I slept the entire last night at camp and Nash slept 12 hours at my in-law's house. I wish I had more pictures to show but I only have a couple and none of Jon Harris because I could not get him to slow down enough for pictures. Jon Harris said that it was the best week of his life!

Here were a couple of highlights of the week:

  • Watching Jon Harris making new friends

  • Jon Harris got an "Entrepreneurship Award" for selling a baked item to the person that made it. He can be very persuasive! ( He gets his saleman tactics from his Papa and Uncle Ryan)

  • Watching the children and youth that were baptized.... I got chill bumps everytime.

  • Seeing Jon Harris get on the stage in front of everyone and doing the "Robot." He is a dancing machine!

  • Going for walks with Nash in his wagon

  • Nash acting silly.... Everyone laughs when I ask him what he calls his daddy. He sticks his lips out and says "Booooouwa."

  • The Snack Shack

  • Late night craft making with the girls in our cabin


  • Last but not least, seeing how God works in all of our lives especially all the kids and youth that were there.

Bellevue's 4th of July Celebration

We enjoyed a night of great music, great company, and FIREWORKS! I look foward to this night all year. I am so thankful that Bellevue offers a wonderful night of Christian based family fun!

My favorite picture....Isn't this sweet? Jon Harris is the best big brother. He is always like this with Nash, so sweet and patient!

Bo and Jon Harris watching the fireworks

Nash watching the fireworks

I love this picture! Nash was trying to pull Rah-Rah in his wagon!

My Boys...

My other sweet boy..... "Special K"

We found out that Nash LOVES corndogs!

Sweet Summer Moments

Jon Harris swimming with his friend Kisor

Nash determined to get these goggles on his head

Such a sweet picture of my precious nephew with Jon Harris