Friday, April 6, 2012

Bunco Babysitting

Noah and Truitt Ross came over to hang with Nash while their moms played some bunco. Bunco is defined as a "lame dice game that women use as a excuse for abandoning their families and socializing on a weeknight." Anyway, the boys had fun playing together. Started with some hardcore wii time...

Then a little indoor basketball...

The whole first half hour, Nash was so excited his best bud Noah was actually at the house.

Best buds

After they inhaled some chicken nuggets, we loaded up and rolled to the Nazerene church's playground across the street.

We all headed back home as it was getting dark. The boys watched a few minutes of Toy Story 2 while I tried to use blogsy.

The 3 stooges

The movie watching lasted about 20 minutes until they got bored and decided to play swords, then trains, then with most of the other toys in Nash's room, which was great because I think Nash learned a lot about how to actually sit for awhile and play with toys. We eventually progressed to me catching them as they jumped off Nash's bed and tried to do air cannonballs. I eventually got nervous enough to make them stop, so we headed back into the living room and got blankets and pillows and turned off all the lights and started Rio (which is an awesome funny kids movie). It was just getting started as the moms got home. These boys were ridiculously well mannered-every question started with "excuse me"-and nobody even once got upset or stole toys or anything, except for Nash, that is. I am sure that all of us had way more fun than we should have, even though we did miss Jon Harris (Noah kept asking "where's him?" and pointing at JH's picture). I believe we probably had way more fun than all those women did at Bunco...which I still am not convinced is a real thing anyway...


Bo Weaver


p.s. I wrote this post trying to learn how to use blogsy and blog from an iPad. If it works well, I am sure that Steph will start blogging again. Her computer broke last year and we got an iPad instead of fixing it. We just don't know yet the best method for blogging and uploading pictures and such. Any comments or tips would be appreciated...


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