Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter Sunday

We had a GREAT Easter Sunday. Sunday morning, the boys saw what the Easter Bunny brought them and then off to church we went. Sunday afternoon, we had an Easter Egg Hunt with family and friends.

Trying for a family shot is impossible!

I love these boys!

Kason hunting eggs!


Ava and Jon Harris

Dividing the eggs equally- thanks Rah-Rah!

I love the look of surprise on Ava's face!

Lily is so proud of her princess stickers

Kason drooling chocolate....I hope he takes after Phie-Phie- love chocolate!

Jon Harris is checking out his eggs

After the Easter Egg Hunt, the kids and the grown"kids" played on Jon Harris' zip line.

I love this picture of Lily

Uncle Mike with Uncle Ryan laughing in the background

Every family needs an Unc Ryan

Papa zip lining!

I hope everyone else enjoyed their Easter as much as we did. I am so grateful and blessed beyond words not just for the wonderful day we had but for what Jesus did for me on that cross so I can spend eternity with him! (John 3:16)


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