Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kason McKee Musick

This here is my new nephew! I am trying to hold back the tears as I post this. We have prayed for this sweet baby a long time. Where do I start......

Sarah and Ryan have had many infertility problems and obstacles along this path of becoming parents. Sarah had a miscarriage about a year ago. It broke her heart because the doctor was not very hopeful that her and Ryan would even be able to have a baby. To see her grieve this baby her heart, soul, and mind longed for, it killed me! I didn't know what to say or do.... all I wanted was for her and Ryan to be happy and know the JOY that comes with being parents. It has been a true rollercoaster of emotions for them! So many people joined us in praying for God to please bless them with a child, including our WONDERFUL church family.

Sarah and Ryan gave their testimony in church one Sunday morning about waiting on God. WOW! How hard is that? We think we sometimes have our lives planned out but God has other things in mind. He sometimes uses our bad situations to show his GLORY! It reminds me of that song "Blessings" by Laura Story. (If you haven't heard it, you must!)

God started laying adoption on Sarah and Ryan's hearts. After a few weeks of praying to see if this was what God wanted, they started the process. Well, anyone that has adopted or knows someone that has adopted knows that it is a waiting game. Sarah and Ryan waited.... Then a few months ago, Sarah had a Laparoscopy done. They found stage 2 Endometriosis but they were able to get it. The doctor became very hopeful that in virto would be a GREAT option for them. Again, Sarah and Ryan started praying. God never gave them a peace in their hearts about going through with in vitro. Not that anything is wrong with in vitro, it has worked for many people that we know... and Praise God for that! Sarah and Ryan thought they would give the thought of in vitro a few months before they would go through with it.- A couple of months ago, I was in the bathroom getting ready for work. Sarah and Ryan were so heavy on my heart that morning. Tears started rolling down my cheeks as I knelt down beside the bathtub, I started praying boldly that Sarah and Ryan would be blessed with a baby. I prayed that God would act without in vitro ( because Sarah had started fertility meds) and this baby would come soon. (Not that this is about me in any way or to say that my prayer worked.) BUT it does show that God DOES respond to prayer. Little did I know that God would respond in a BIG way to all of our prayers!!

Sarah and Ryan got a call the Thursday before Easter about a possible baby to be born in September. They had to make a decision if they wanted their profile given to the birth mom. Sarah and Ryan decided that maybe they did but they were going to take time to pray about it ( but not much time because they had to give an answer soon.) On that Saturday after the Easter Egg hunt I wanted her to go to with me, Katy, and the boys, Sarah and Ryan got another call about a baby that would be born in 4 WEEKS! Oh My Gooooodness! They immediately started praying and decided to walk through the doors that God was opening.

Sarah and Ryan started preparing for the birth of Kason. Luckily, Sarah IS the most organized and pre-planner that I have ever met! She had everything ready BUT the fear of the adoption falling through was ALWAYS in the back of her mind. Bless her heart! But God revealed himself again and again and again. Monday night, they got a call to head to Tulsa. The birth mom was in labor and already 5 cm. Sarah and Ryan packed their stuff and off they went to become parents! OH THE JOY!!!! I was up alllll night! Waiting! Kason made his big arrival that morning early at 7 lbs. and 2 oz. Yahyy! Sarah and Ryan got him about 6 or 7 Tuesday morning (May17th.) The birth mom will forever be in our hearts and prayers because she (along with God) gave Sarah and Ryan a very special gift. I praise God for her!

Sarah and Ryan are waiting on the proper paper work to go through before they can bring this sweet and WONDERFUL gift home. But meanwhile, "Phe-Phe" (aka Aunt Steph) is heading there tomorrow!

Oh yeah, another answered prayer--Josh ( our preacher) called one of his minister friends in Tulsa and asked him to check up on Sarah and Ryan while they are there. Mitch and Shannon insisted on them staying in their home with them! They have been such a blessing and have done so much for the new parents! I can't wait to meet them! Sarah talks about how wonderful they are everytime I talk to her.

And yesterday, they took Kason to the doctor for a follow up. The doctor was the Ob-Gyn of the birth mom and he does pediatrics. I think that's pretty cool! Anyway, after he checked Kason out, he asked to please pray with Sarah and Ryan. How COOL is that? That was definitely a God thing!



  1. What a beautiful story. It is especially close to my heart b/c we adopted our daughter from Tulsa. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am speechless ( and that does not happen a lot) That is so awesome and OH MY God is so good! He is beautiful! God has just the right timing and the right plan for each and every one of us!