Sunday, September 11, 2011

What a weekend!

WOW! What a weekend it has been around the Weaver house! Friday morning I started the day by taking Nash for allergy testing. He stays so congested and it has lead to ear infections, sinus infections, and etc. We have tried everything--even having his adnedoids out. Nothing has been working. It did get better in April when we found out that he was allergic to milk. We cut out milk products and he has done better until about 4 weeks ago. Dr. Levy ( the sweetest doctor ever) decided it was time for enviromental testing. So, Friday at 9 a.m. we started our testing. We did the little scrapes on the forearm but it didn't really take. They had to give him 8 injections! Bless his heart... he did NOT like it at all! But we did find out that he is allergic to dust, mold, and pollen. (Of coarse, he is my child- I have the same problems.) We start allergy shots this week. I know it sounds crazy but I am so relieved. Jon Harris had the same problems and we did allergy shots for 4 years..... It was the best thing I could have ever done for him. He really never gets sick now unless there is a virus. (Knock on wood.... we all know that kids can make liars out of us.) I am a firm believer in allergy shots because I have seen first hand how helpful they have been for Jon Harris and hopefully we will see the same results in Nash.

Well, moving on to Friday night. I had a 31 Gifts party for a friend of mine. Right in the middle of it, Bo comes in to tell me that we have to get to LeBonheur because Jon Harris broke his arm. I left all my guests and Nash at my house. Fortunately, my mom and sister were there to help me. When I got there, I was so worried! All the way there, I pictured just a broken arm.... OH no! It was a BROKEN ARM! He got it good! I walked in the door and he was so so pale. They had started an IV to give him some pain meds. I felt so helpless but I think it really bothered me more than it did him. He was a trooper ! The nurse and doctor asked him on a scale 0-10 (10 being the worst pain) "How bad is your pain?" Jon Harris said "Uummmm... about a 3 1/2." After x-rays, they sedated him and set it. He has a temporary cast for now. We go to Campbell's Clinic sometime tomorrow. Hopefully, he will not have to have pins put in his wrist.

I finally got in bed about 2ish in the morning. JH piled up in the bed with me and Bo-Daddy. I don't think he moved all night! I had to be up at 7 to get ready for class. (I am getting my Early Childhood Certification.) I was in class from 8-3.

I am praying next weekend is more laid back. I did end my Saturday on a great note, though. I got to hang out with some of our friends from Covington. Yahhy! Things this weekend could have been so much worse. I am thanking God for watching over Jon Harris and Nash, praying for the families that lost loved ones 10 years ago today, and praying that God continues to show his grace and mercy.

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